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The Phantom Entertainment network

Another exciting project has been the role Anderson Baillie’s Audience Relations practice has played in raising awareness of a new, revolutionary on-demand games service in Europe. The Phantom Entertainment network is a broadband service that hooks consumers up to a catalogue of hundreds of PC games to play on a TV and allows gamers to try and buy all of the latest titles on-line.

Already a six page exclusive in Stuff magazine the best read magazine of kind and reference manual for ‘cool’ technology has portrayed the Phantom as a genuine alternative to consoles, which coupled with an ongoing programme has helped re-establish and vitalise the proposition in advance of the imminent consumer launch across Europe.

Greg Koler chief executive of Phantom Entertainment Networks in Europe commented, “As targeted we now have a really tangible presence in the market achieved in very little time with Anderson Baillie’s help. It’s a very hands-on role, that extends to help define our strategy and develop the brand in the right markets at the right time which to date has been invaluable.”

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