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Online Customer Satisfaction Survey

The quality assurance team at Vivista approached Anderson Baillie, who developed and continue to manage their corporate website and content management system, to assist them in finding a way of utilising technology to conduct their annual customer satisfaction survey.

The primary objective was to automate and simplify the process as much as possible, for both respondents and Vivista staff. Previously, all surveys had been posted out, completed on paper and returned to Vivista for manual entry and analysis. This had become a time consuming process which resulted in feedback not being processed as efficiently as they would like.

Vivista also wanted to create a template that could be easily amended for use in subsequent years, to minimise the up-front work the quality team had to do to prepare the surveys. This, coupled with ease of analysis, would open up the possibility to Vivista of conducting satisfaction surveys on a more regular basis.

Anderson Baillie proposed that an online survey and results console be developed for Vivista. This would allow customers to complete the survey electronically and, once submitted, the results automatically gathered in a secure admin console for Vivista to monitor and download for immediate analysis.

The complex nature of the survey meant that flexibility was key, for example, to allow customers to select only the parts of the survey relevant to their service contracts. A provision also needed to be made for people not directly sent the survey, to complete it and leave their own details.

An Email was designed and built to launch the survey to all targeted customers. The results console enabled all Emails to be tracked in order that Vivista could determine who had received it, opened it and then gone on to complete a survey (either themselves or someone they had forwarded the Email to).

Once participants had completed some basic information on the survey website, they were allocated a personal ID number that could be used to save the survey at any given point and log back in to complete it at a later date. Other features includes a status bar so that users could monitor their progress, plus, as well as multiple-choice questions, provisions were made for open comments boxes to capture more in-depth information.

Through the results console, Vivista were able to quickly view the number of surveys either partially or fully completed and then, if required, download the full survey information. A search facility was built in to allow specific customers to be found easily.

The main email was followed up with a reminder to those customers who had either not started or had partially completed the survey. As a result, an impressive response rate of 39% completed surveys was achieved, giving Vivista some strong analysis and results from which to follow up on all aspects of their service and solution performance.

Commenting on the project, Phil Raistrick, Vivista Quality Assurance Manager said,

“We have been extremely pleased with the advice and assistance Anderson Baillie have provided us in our first outing onto the web for the customer satisfaction survey. We now have a system which will transform the way we obtain feedback from our customers.”

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