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As with any of the related marketing disciplines Audience Relations is measurable. It’s a process that audits your performance in the media against your key competitors. Apart from providing a readily understood performance indicator that benchmarks our performance over the course of the campaign it’s a tool that demonstrates the effectiveness of working to treat your key audiences as a cohesive whole.

Case Studies
Phantom Case Study - The Phantom Entertainment network - Click here to read this case study
Another exciting project has been the role Anderson Baillie’s Audience Relations practice has played in raising awareness of a new, revolutionary on-demand games service in Europe.
BASF IT Services Case Study - BASF IT Services Go-to-Market strategy – Breathing life back into Process - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie was approached by BASF IT Services early in 2003 to manage the marketing requirements for their launch into the European Process Industry market space.