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Part of any media strategy to your customer base nowadays has to include the access and influence of analysts – whether business or IT /technology driven and how it is possible to promote your product, services, selling arguments and strategies through them and to them.

Many PR companies see analyst relations as a bolt-on incremental revenue generating service that necessitates separate messaging and a channel of communications. Audience Relations prefers to see the analysts group as a component amongst the various members of your core audience and looks for the value of synergies amongst this group as a whole.

The ability to integrate analysts into your target audience makes the difference between replaying the same old product centric mantra and articulating a coherent issues-led strategy that’s seen as resolving your customer’s issues.

Case Studies
BASF IT Services Case Study - BASF IT Services Go-to-Market strategy – Breathing life back into Process - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie was approached by BASF IT Services early in 2003 to manage the marketing requirements for their launch into the European Process Industry market space.
Vivista Case Study - Online Customer Satisfaction Survey - Click here to read this case study
Vivista's quality assurance team approached Anderson Baillie to assist them in finding a way of utilising technology to conduct their annual customer satisfaction survey.